I edit and/or shoot unscripted content - documentaries, reality, music, and sports. I have been fortunate enough to make a career doing what I love, ever since graduating from film school in 1999. These days, I’m primarily an Editor, although I do have many years of experience operating cameras for TV, and I have done both on several projects, as a Producer.

This Resume represents my whole career, including post-production, cinematography, and producing work, as well as AC work and news writing positions. The rest of this page focuses on just post-production. So, here is my Editor Resume.

My Editor Reel is below.


I have been editing for three decades - ramping up giant 3/4” cable access decks in my youth, splicing and optically printing 16mm in college, and since then, cutting with Premiere, AVID, FCP, and Quantel throughout my professional career.

I have spent most of the past three years editing and coloring a blacksmithing documentary series called Man at Arms: Reforged for Defy Media. I have cut over fifty episodes, and counting, with a peak viewership of over 10 million. Here are some samples.

The series also has a history-oriented version on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey Network. I have played a key role, cutting on most episodes from each season.


I visited several schools in 2016 to find inspiring stories for the Charter Schools USA symposium. I shot and edited seven videos. Here are some of those.


I have shot and edited many promos for Marucci Sports, the leading bat manufacturer in Major League Baseball. Here are some recent videos, featuring Andrew McCutchen, Buster Posey, David Ortiz, and Jose Bautista.


I also create wedding videos. Here are the abbreviated and medium-length versions of a recent example, mine!


As Field Producer for Swipe for Love, a game show for the Oxygen Network, I functioned as DP and Editor on the contestant intro packages. Here is one of those.

Dylan Swipe from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


Another client I have shot and edited for is Lucky Buddha Beer, through the Outside Eyes agency. This is a promotional documentary piece I cut about making the mascot costume.

Lucky Buddha Beer and Monster FX from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


I produced and edited two feature-length educational documentaries for the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, about sandplay therapy & the institute’s senior analysts. I also produced and edited three annual installments of a 50-hour video training course for pharmacists-in-training, through RxPrep, Inc.

I produced several live medical lectures for PlatformQ. Those talks were given by doctors, streamed live for the benefit of other doctors.


In addition to my decade+ in the entertainment industry, I also have five additional years of experience managing the newsroom staff at KPFK (90.7-FM Los Angeles), as News Editor, Associate News Producer, and then News Director. Samples, including my sit-down interview with a former leader of Pakistan, are on the radio page.

This is a writing sample - from a news video segment I produced, shot, and edited for


For the small percentage of my jobs that appears on it, this is my IMDB page. IMDB is confused, as usual. I have not been a camera assistant in about 16 years.


And in case you need to relax, here is Zen nun Dang Nhiem talking about how to cultivate peace. I shot and edited this video for the Deer Park Dharmacast.


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