I shoot and edit documentary-style TV and web content of all kinds - interviews, promos, live music, lectures, and sports. For some clients, I am strictly a DP or Camera Operator (NABET local 53). For others, I am also the Editor, and occasionally a Producer.

This Résumé represents the breadth of my professional experience, including a full list of professional camera, editing, and producing jobs, as well as brief descriptions of AC work and staff journalism positions.

If you’re only interested in my DP and Operator credits, this is my DP/Operator Résumé. My shooting reel is below.


In May of 2014, I finished work on Season 1 of The Collective Powered by Vevo, a weekly music documentary series on Nuvo TV. I was the Segment DP, working full time for two months. Before taking that position, I also worked for two weeks as an in-house editor on the show. Here are two of my favorite pieces from the season - Temples and Asher Roth.



I shoot a lot of promos for the Outside Eyes agency - most notably for their client Marucci Sports, which has become the leading bat manufacturer in Major League Baseball. Recent highlights included the pieces I shot and edited with Diamondbacks second baseman Aaron Hill, White Sox DH Adam Dunn, and NL MVP Andrew McCutchen.

Aaron Hill for Marucci from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


Adam Dunn for Marucci from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


CUTCH3-Master2 from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.


Another Outside Eyes client I shoot for is Lucky Buddha Beer. I shot this spot to coincide with the World Cup.


I have been running cameras for Carson Daly's late-night show on NBC for four years, which adds up to several hundred episodes of network TV experience. Here’s a tiny sample - a spotlight segment with filmmaker Tiffany Shlain.

Tiffany Shlain: "Connected" from Joe LaMattina on Vimeo.


I was the DP for all the green screen interviews in Jennifer Lopez's reality show about her first world tour. The seven-episode first season of A Step Away aired in the fall of 2013. Spoiler Alert: here is the last episode!


I have shot two feature-length educational documentaries for the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles, about sandplay therapy for trauma & the institute’s senior analysts, as well as two more feature-length lectures videos.

I have shot three annual installments of a 50-hour video training course for pharmacists-in-training, through RxPrep, Inc.

Lately, I have been producing and streaming live medical lectures for PlatformQ. These are talks and discussions given by doctors, for the benefit of other doctors.

Here is a Kickstarter video I shot and edited for the owner of EQtainment.


In addition to my decade in the film and TV industries, I also have several years of experience writing the news and managing the newsroom staff at KPFK (90.7-FM Los Angeles), as News Editor, Associate News Producer, and News Director. Samples are on the radio page.

This is a writing sample - from a news video segment I produced, shot, and edited for


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For the small percentage of my jobs that appears on it, this is my IMBD page.


In case you need to relax, here is Zen nun Dang Nhiem talking about how to cultivate peace. I shot and edited this video for the Deer Park Dharmacast.


And finally: I don’t shoot a lot of scripted content, but I made an exception for my pal David LaMattina (DGA), who was the writer, director, and editor of this fun short, called Cute Cat Video.

Cute Cat Video from David LaMattina on Vimeo.


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