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Part two in the 1-min artsy-fartsy 60-frame comedy series.

I liked how the branches and bars were breaking up the sunshine on my bedroom wall. Shot that in 60 frames, boom boom boom, turned around, shot the light-breakers, la la la, and really liked how they composited in FCP. Plus, I wanted to a fun ambient beat made from reversed and slowed down audio scraps, mostly birds. But all of that might be obvious from watching the thing, which is shorter than this paragraph.

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Edgar Wright in Toronto re: Scott Pilgrim

by pcb123 on Nov.15, 2010, under AMUSEMENT, PROCESS, SOCIETY, VIDEO

Me, Pete, and Hammer (dir) on 7Ds in Canada for Last Call. Produced by LiamG. Edited within a couple days of return by CO Los Dos!

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This is the news report/documentary that I produced and edited on over the summer.  It’s about the ongoing effort to change East Los Angeles from an unincorporated county-run area to a locally-controlled city.  Please enjoy, whilst learning a thing or two!

And here’s a little background on the project.  It was an assignment for Daniel Weintraub’s California policy website, HealthyCal.org.  It’s part of his larger series on areas that lack a political voice.

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Mistrial in iPhone case

by pcb123 on Apr.06, 2010, under PROCESS, SOCIETY

Felipe Henriquez – white hair, not tall – testified in Spanish that he left the scene because was scared. Last year, on a clear night in LA, his pickup truck turned left and crushed a young white dude’s Ducati. The motorcyclist wasn’t badly hurt, but was angry, and ran over to the pickup swearing, and maybe even saying something like, “Fucking Hispanic!”

When the paramedics arrived, Sean (white dude) left the pickup, which then drove away. Henriquez didn’t contact the police or anyone else. The only reason he got caught was a witness’s iPhone picture of the license plate.

Superior Court Judge Renee Korn dismissed us this afternoon after we each answered “yes” to whether we thought the jury was hopelessly deadlocked. Two of the five of us that eventually voted guilty were adamant that there was no legal justification for the sympathy votes he was getting. They had a point, and for me, I had to say guilty because the People did prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he willfully failed to provide his information to anyone, at the scene or ever.

The foreman, an Irish immigrant, argued that the system failed the defendant, and that did seem to be the case. In the second-to-last vote, I pleaded agnostic, because there was brief confusion over whether the People had to prove he intended to gain an advantage by leaving, which they did not. Knowing that it wasn’t the final vote, I also wanted to encourage non-attachment to opinions. I saw people clinging to what they had said already, on both sides, although less so today, the second day of debate. One guy, who works in insurance, switched from guilty to not, but admitted after that he believed Henriquez broke the law.

In a deliberation room, your government asks for your reasoning as an official part of justice being served. Some feel that it’s their duty to rebel against what they see as an unjust law or aren’t willing to ignore what has been deemed irrelevant. Some care much more about whether they’ll still have to go to work that day if we decide this way or that. Some say as little as possible. In the end it was 7-5, not guilty. For all the time squandered, I walk away satisfied that I did what I could for rational dialogue with respect to the law. And as a group, we didn’t have to convict the old man who made a bad driving decision, was intimidated, and then made a bad legal decision.

Now another group of 35 will enter that courtroom, or already have, and 12 will have the honor of arguing whether they can convict an old man who says he was scared. I feel bad for the two others, who will have to wait out the whole process as alternate jurors, and never be asked for their opinions.

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by pcb123 on Oct.07, 2009, under AMUSEMENT, PROCESS, VIDEO

I recently finished co-shooting a feature-length comedy called Not Porn. Fortunately, that’s an accurate title. It’s about a guy who makes sexy movies, his colleagues, and their romantic complications.  Here’s a visual sample.

NOT PORN!! teaser test from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.

And here are some production stills, taken by Rocky and Ojay.

That’s a Glidecam rig that I used a lot on this movie, with an HVX-200 on top.   Respect and thanks also to Willie Tipp,  the other cameraman, as well as Director Chris Kessler, Gaffer Wilson Gabbard, Grip George, AC Ro, and ExecProd Henry.

Also gratitude and respect to Radiohead for their inspiring song that I put in the sample, Trickster.

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A Sitting

by pcb123 on Sep.03, 2009, under PROCESS, VIDEO, ZEN

The zafu (cushion) is from Bodh Gaya, site of the Bodhi tree.  After Siddhartha/Shakyamuni’s breakthrough there, he went to Sarnath, outside Varanasi. That’s where I got this dangling cloth. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my breathing while I was there, but now, many years later, I bow to India from my perch in Echo Park. The relics aren’t important; they’re just signs.

A Sitting from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.

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Outside the Michael Jackson Memorial

by pcb123 on Jul.08, 2009, under AMUSEMENT, PROCESS, SOCIETY

Here’s a New York Times video I just worked on.



Zach Wise shot and cut it.  I was the sound guy and assistant editor.



We talked to so many interesting fans and heard so many amusing renditions of MJ’s songs.


We interviewed about 50 people.  As you can see, we only got a handful in there.  I’ll be cutting an audio collage in the next couple of days.  So keep checking in, please.

Did you click on the link yet?


I was too busy recording audio to take pictures, so all I have is these quick self-shots.

PCB in front of the MJ wall

PCB in front of the MJ wall

This was Monday, the day before the memorial.  There were several hundred people there, lined up around the corner.  Audio collage forthcoming.

And here’s a technical synopsis from Zach, the NYT producer who really made this thing.

Also, I was psyched to see this new ending:

New ending makes pcb wicked happy.

New ending makes pcb wicked happy.

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by pcb123 on May.16, 2009, under PROCESS

I’ve taken control of this blog back from the wordpress demons.  I sacraficed all previous posts, but how nice is it to start anew?

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