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Daisy worked for a mortgage guy whose parrot ruled the workplace.

The MY WORST Video Podcast brings you short, true stories. It’s what people are willing to share about their worst jobs, decisions, embarrassments, or dates. No mud, no lotus.

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A Sitting

by pcb123 on Sep.03, 2009, under PROCESS, VIDEO, ZEN

The zafu (cushion) is from Bodh Gaya, site of the Bodhi tree.  After Siddhartha/Shakyamuni’s breakthrough there, he went to Sarnath, outside Varanasi. That’s where I got this dangling cloth. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my breathing while I was there, but now, many years later, I bow to India from my perch in Echo Park. The relics aren’t important; they’re just signs.

A Sitting from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.

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by pcb123 on Aug.17, 2009, under AMUSEMENT, VIDEO, ZEN

Composed by Radiohead. Performed by The Interbeings – a virtual band consisting of Joe Lamattina on drums, Michael (henceforth Mikhail) Pessah on bass, and me on guitars and vocals. Don’t forget Lisa Lamattina, who did over-the-counter percussion and videography of Joe.

The visual style of this cover video is informed by Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching that all things contain all other things. So I am you and we are both that lamp. Please enjoy while breathing in and breathing out.

RECKONER from Patrick Burke on Vimeo.

I shot my sections and those featuring Mikhail, and I edited it all together. Mikhail mastered the mixed audio.

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